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Percheron mural


Pennsylvania Market, Pittsburgh, PA
18th St. between Smallman and Penn



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This was a mural done for Pennsylvania Market in the outside courtyard. These Percheron horses were sourced from Historic Pittsburgh, and they depict horses pulling produce to a market.

When I was painting this mural, there was a crew of Amish carpenters working on other projects on the building. I was having trouble getting the harnesses and leather bits painted correctly so one of the crew brought in a harness for me to base my image off of. He also confirmed the height of the Percherons to be lifesized. We talked about how Percherons have gotten taller over the last 100 years as people bred them for height and more of a flashy look.

Other notes about this mural. Routine: I started every day at 7 before it got hot. Got a latte once the coffee place a block over was open and then got chicken street tacos every day at lunch. I was usually done at 2 or so because the sun became blinding as it crested over the wall and shone directly on the stucco.

Materials: I used Golden Fluid Acrylics black. That's it, I used the wall paint color as my white so I could blend any mistakes back to the wall.

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