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Splashpad Mural - Brandysprings Park


June 2024


Brandysprings Park Mercer PA

Project type

Splashpad Mural

This project started off as a design called "Running Circles" which was an abstract series of rings of different sizes inside of the splashpad. It was intended as a way to give structured running paths to children.

As I worked, I reacted to the site (which is how I work in my studio). I decided first to surround all water features in yellow and then to add animals that live in the water that were 'slightly' scary, like an eel etc. And I added blue dots at a distance from each element so that kids could play the floor is lava.

I used a rubber submersible paint to soften any falls or slips. I had a very limited color palette which was a fun constraint.
The project started in July 2023 and I finished in June of 2024 (because of other things shutting down the project).
You can enjoy the Splashpad at Brandysprings Park in Mercer, PA. It's free and open to the public

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