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Two Pieces of Yesterday

Project type

Installation and interactive art


April 2022


Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art in Ligonier

Two Pieces of Yesterday is an interactive installation I created for Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art for my show in 2022 with Rita Haldeman titled "As Everywhere of Silver"

The pieces on top are moveable, and visitors to the piece can move them around to make different compositions. This idea came out of how I thought of shapes in my landscapes, moveable, only frozen in time by the moment they were viewed.

This installation is comprised of 2 panels, both 2'x8'. It was created by mounting thin stainless steel on plywood and wrapping it with canvas (yes these are heavy!). I then painted a normal landscape on top. The shapes are carved out of plywood, sanded and painted. I drilled holes in the back for rare earth magnets which were epoxied in. I then added felt to the back of the shapes so that the shapes glided smoothly over the surface of the piece.

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